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700 Hoboes and then some!
The Flickr group has finally reached its goal of illustrating all 700 Hoboes. Give all of the artists who worked hard on this a big hand. Also, thanks to John Hodgman for the wonderful inspiration for this project.

But wait, the counter at the bottom of this page says that over 700 hoboes have been illustrated. That's because in the paperback edition of Areas of My Expertise, Mr. Hodgman has included a list of 100 additional hobo names (if you count Nick Nolte twice). Check the gallery for the latest additions and the master list for all of the new hobo names.

800 of 700 hoboes have been illustrated.
1698 total illustrations.
Hobo of the Moment:
Artist: xadrian
Number 312
Mahayana Mike
Mahayana Mike